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The Internet Health Trend

The fact that the use of the Internet to investigate health related issues is on the rise, cannot be disputed. However, is this good or bad?

One concern is that seeing a health professional is becoming more expensive, so people are turning to the internet to diagnose their own medical condition. Unfortunately, while there are many sites that are provided by health professionals and give accurate information, there are just as many sites posted by lay people sharing their experiences, and commercial companies advertising their products. The concern here is that a person may misdiagnose their condition and therefore not receive the correct treatment (Lewis, 2006). 

On the other hand, once a condition has been diagnosed by a medical profession, the availability of information on the internet is allowing people to research their condition. This often gives an option for alternative treatments and helps an individual to more fully understand their condition.

The recognised Australian Obesity crisis is another area where the internet is becoming effective. Many dietitian approved weight loss programs are appearing that are free and easy to follow. Two of these are Channel Ten’s “1 Million Kilo Challenge” and “The Biggest Loser” (Network Ten, 2011). “Weight Watchers” online is another relatively cheap, but effective program (Weight Watchers, 2012).    

If used subjectively, the internet definitely has a place in health related issues.  

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The Twitter Songs of Politicians

The use of Social Media is on the rise. Politicians can now connect to their constituents using social media such as Twitter and Facebook. The use of these technologies reaches out to a new generation of voters. But how can social media influence the voters?

Barack Obama used social media, such as Twitter and Facebook, to earn the voters’ trust.  His website was easy to navigate to get information, was constantly updated, and contained links to videos and presentations from Obama. The Obama campaign used social media effectively to attract the youth vote.  Even typing his name into an online search program, brought Obama’s website to the top of the list.  (DWSmg, 2008).

The use of Facebook and Twitter is credited with the overthrow of the Egyptian Government in 2011. Protest organisers were using Social Media to rally their supporters. In an unsuccessful attempt to stop the uprising, the Egyptian government tried to disrupt Facebook, Twitter, and blackberry services (Aljazeera, 2011).  

Did social media assist in the Queensland 2012 State Election? It would appear not!  A social media  expert predicted that social media would be Anna Bligh’s secret weapon (Caldwell, 2012). The use of it may have saved her seat, but certainly not the Labor Party.  

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The Gaming Evolution

Twelve years ago I was very excited to receive a Game Boy Colour with two games. These kept me entertained for hours at a time, and made the long flights to and from America whiz by. Who would have thought that gaming would progress to the stage that you can play online making connections with other people, using text chat and voice control. Nardi believes that human relationships can be formed and maintained through digital gaming and even develop an interest in previously unexplored topics such as the military and business (Nardi, 2010).

Phones , tablets and laptops are now considered everyday items and the excellent graphics and wide variety of games that can be easily downloaded onto these devices, means that games are being played on a increasing scale. Gone are the days when playing games was virtually restricted to using game consoles and television sets, with games purchased on cartridges.

The popularity of gaming has even resulted in a successful TV show dedicated to gaming news. Topics covered include discussions on new companies and consoles, reviews on new games prior to their launch, and interviews with game developers (Good Game, 2012) The major corporations, such as Playstation and Xbox are even allowing independent game developers to release games compatible with the consoles and then purchased by the consumer via the internet.


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Inspiration from New Media

I hadn’t had a lot of exposure to New Media before I came to University, my interest in the course being focused on the traditional side of film production and editing. Through the subjects undertaken in first year I have discovered aspects of New Media that interest me and have learnt how some of these techniques and technologies can advance a career in the film industry. One actor who has inspired me is Felicia Day. She has used her experiences from the film industry and combined it with her passion for gaming to create a successful web series “The Guild” on a shoe string budget which has so far run for five seasons about a group of on-line gamers who finally meet leading to disastrous consequences. Day has successfully used New Media to promote her series resulting in 65 million views on YouTube. Her success was acknowledged by Bioware, the developer of the video game Dragon Age who asked Day to create a web series to help promote the game. I hope to draw inspiration from the success of Felicia Day in my future career in the Film and New Media industry.

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