The Gaming Evolution

18 Mar

Twelve years ago I was very excited to receive a Game Boy Colour with two games. These kept me entertained for hours at a time, and made the long flights to and from America whiz by. Who would have thought that gaming would progress to the stage that you can play online making connections with other people, using text chat and voice control. Nardi believes that human relationships can be formed and maintained through digital gaming and even develop an interest in previously unexplored topics such as the military and business (Nardi, 2010).

Phones , tablets and laptops are now considered everyday items and the excellent graphics and wide variety of games that can be easily downloaded onto these devices, means that games are being played on a increasing scale. Gone are the days when playing games was virtually restricted to using game consoles and television sets, with games purchased on cartridges.

The popularity of gaming has even resulted in a successful TV show dedicated to gaming news. Topics covered include discussions on new companies and consoles, reviews on new games prior to their launch, and interviews with game developers (Good Game, 2012) The major corporations, such as Playstation and Xbox are even allowing independent game developers to release games compatible with the consoles and then purchased by the consumer via the internet.


Nardi, B. (2010). “My Life as a Night Elf Priest: An Anthropological Account of World of Warcraft: Excerpts” First Monday. Volume 15, Number 7

ABC. “Good Game”. Last Modified January 20 2012. Date Accessed March 17 2012.


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3 responses to “The Gaming Evolution

  1. gavin burress

    March 18, 2012 at 12:36 pm

    I had a game boy the original when I was young and at the time it was the most revolutionary piece of electronics I owned it went with me everywhere but these days I think a great evolution in gaming are the motion sensing games but the most evolutionary piece of gaming technology is the smartphone. I hear more and more companies are going into apps and app games to make more money.

  2. nickirhall12

    March 21, 2012 at 3:37 am

    here is the two blogs where I posted my comments


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