Hopping down the Cable Line

22 Apr

New Media has provided work opportunities for freelancers and professional companies. Although freelance workers only generally earn approximately $30,000 a year, and sometimes finding work can be hard, it is a good opportunity to learn as you go along, and to get your name out there (Gill, 2009). 

I was at Easterfest helping out with the technical side of filming, handling cameras and audio. It got me wondering where all the footage went during the performance. I followed the white rabbit down the cable line, and I found out that a number of live performances were put on the Easterfest website and Youtube.  The success of the Easterfest is due in part to the mass collaboration of all of the volunteers at Easterfest. Everyone from the camera people, to the organisers, help to make it happen (Zittrain, 2009). The way they get volunteers for Easterfest, is through informal communication via word of mouth and their website. The website acts as a way for volunteers to nominate for work opportunities in different areas. The work shifts are flexible and everyone has a chance to do something different (Gill, 2009). Along with presenting established artists, the Festival helps  to promote upcoming bands and Christian music. With the help of new media, outreach can encompass an even wider audience.

Gill, R. (2007). “Informality is the New Black”. In Technobohemians or the new Cybertariat? New Media work in Amsterdam a decade after the web. Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures. 

Zittrain, J. (2009). Minds for Sale. Youtube Video. Posted November 29 2009. Accessed April 15 2012.


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