Inspiration from New Media

I hadn’t had a lot of exposure to New Media before I came to University, my interest in the course being focused on the traditional side of film production and editing. Through the subjects undertaken in first year I have discovered aspects of New Media that interest me and have learnt how some of these techniques and technologies can advance a career in the film industry. One actor who has inspired me is Felicia Day. She has used her experiences from the film industry and combined it with her passion for gaming to create a successful web series “The Guild” on a shoe string budget which has so far run for five seasons about a group of on-line gamers who finally meet leading to disastrous consequences. Day has successfully used New Media to promote her series resulting in 65 million views on YouTube. Her success was acknowledged by Bioware, the developer of the video game Dragon Age who asked Day to create a web series to help promote the game. I hope to draw inspiration from the success of Felicia Day in my future career in the Film and New Media industry.

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Posted by on March 11, 2012 in Tutorial 9